Which Flowers are Best to Send on Birthdays?

Are flowers a good birthday gift? The answer to that question is, yes!

If you’re lacking inspiration for a birthday present, opting for a beautiful bouquet will always be a sure bet. But different flowers have different meanings and their symbolism can take a whole new dimension when given on a special occasion.

So which ones should you pick as a birthday gift for the different people in your life? Follow our guide to make sure that you always choose the best flowers, whether it be for your wife or girlfriend, for your mum, for your sister, for a friend.

Best flowers for your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday

Absolute symbol of love and romance, red roses should not just be confined to Valentine’s Day. They remain the go-to flowers on any occasion when it comes to pleasing your wife or girlfriend. And a birthday is no exception.

Nothing will ever beat red roses in saying “I love you”. Go for a bouquet of 50 fresh flowers if you wish to express your unconditional love. If the relationship is still quite new, then maybe consider pink ones. They represent sweetness and poetic romance.

Another safe option for your partner would be to simply pick her favorite flowers in her favorite color. Without any doubt, she will acknowledge the thought and effort you put into pleasing her.

There are many great gifts to give along with flowers. But if you are planning to treat her to a romantic soiree, don’t hesitate to add a bottle of champagne and maybe a box of chocolates. Everybody knows their natural aphrodisiac qualities!

Best flowers for your Mother birthday

From colored roses to beautiful lilies or exotic orchids, there’s an array of flowers that will make your mom feel special on her birthday. And no matter your final pick, your bouquet will always be a hit.

A bouquet of pink oriental lilies will symbolize the infinite tenderness and gratitude you feel for her. You will make her feel the same with roses, no matter their color. Just avoid red, as it evocates intensity and passion.

Easy to care for and long-lasting, exotic orchids are also a good option to consider. These flowers represent love, beauty, and strength, so they are a perfect choice to celebrate your mother’s birthday.

And if you still can’t make up your mind, then combine several varieties. Mix premium roses with lilies to create a beautiful arrangement. If you like to think big, just add a few irises, orchids, as well as magnolia leaves for a stunning birthday bouquet that will make a lasting impression.

Best flowers for your sister’s birthday

Pink roses, which symbolize the softer and gentler side of love, will always make a perfect choice for a sister’s birthday. They are as rich in meaning as their red counterparts, so pink roses are a perfect way to show your unconditional affection.

Symbol of caring and attachment, tulips are also a great pick. Choose them pink, the color of platonic love, or purple, the color of admiration. If you’re a reserved person who struggles to be outspokenly affectionate, then a multicolored arrangement can also do the trick in a more casual way.

Is your sister still (and forever will be) that sweet baby girl in your eyes? Then why not add a cute soft teddy bear. It will make a cuddly addition to your birthday bouquet.

Best flowers for your friend’s birthday

If you are looking to send flowers for a friend’s birthday, then you won’t need to rack your brains about the symbolism of your bouquet. Just focus on choosing a bright and colorful arrangement that radiates happiness and cheerfulness.

To do so, a vibrant multicolored gerbera bouquet will work wonders. You can also mix different flowers. For example, a gorgeous bouquet of gerberas, roses, and lisianthus will always make a big impact.

Yellow roses will also be perfect to express how much you care for your friend, as they denote friendship, goodwill, and joy. Sunflowers, which are like rays of sunshine, would produce the same effect and brighten anyone’s day. Keep this option in mind, especially since they symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Perfect for your friends!.

Don’t forget the card with a personal message

Remember… Whoever you’re sending birthday flowers to, don’t forget to add a card with a personalized message. Even if your bouquet speaks for itself, and even if it sometimes requires more effort, a few well-chosen words will never hurt and touch the person’s heart even deeper.

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